Mar 13, 2011

Different forms of anxiety - 42 categories/examples so far! - NOTE

Here are some of the anxiety types that come to mind:
  • Financial anxiety - Fear of not having enough money
  • Income anxiety - same
  • Material anxiety - fear of not being able to provide house or food
  • Romantic anxiety - fear not finding a partner
  • Emotional anxiety - Feeling anxious without even really knowing why
  • Professional anxiety - Overwhelm and stress at work
  • Physical threat - any form of danger, crime, nature, etc.
  • Health anxiety - Fear of disease and body decay
  • Death/Loss anxiety - Related with losing a family member, or friend
  • Divorce/Breakup anxiety - loss of lover and partner
  • Sexual anxiety - fear associated with sex like STD's, sexual performance, rape threat, etc
  • School anxiety - grades, performance, threat from teachers, bullying, etc
  • Food anxiety - afraid of not making the right choices, negative impact, bad foods, etc
  • Life choices/Destiny anxiety - not knowing where to go, what to do with your life
  • Technological anxiety - Technological overwhelm, feeling of not being able to cope with new technologies
  • Shopping anxiety - choices, bargains, discounts, scams
  • Crime anxiety - urban insecurity
  • Parenting anxiety - feeling of inadequacy as a parent - fears of insecurity concerning your kids - Fears of lack of achievement for your kids
  • Pollution/Toxins/Germs/EMF (electro magnetic fields) anxiety - Fears of the impact that those have on your body
  • Home loss / Home less anxiety - Fear of not having a roof on your head, fear of loss of social status, fear of discomfort and lack of physical and emotional security
  • Job loss anxiety
  • Assets anxiety - Fear of having your car scratched or stolen
  • Body image anxiety - fear of not looking good enough
  • Performance anxiety - Sports - Sex - School - Job - Dating - Etc
  • Relationship anxiety - Fear of not being loved, betrayal, cheating
  • Dating anxiety - Fear of rejection, inadequacy, etc
  • Natural disaster anxiety - fear of hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption
  • Environmental anxiety / Environmental disaster anxiety - fear that we are destroying our environment - fear of human activity related catastrophic impact
  • Epidemic anxiety
  • Government/Totalitarian anxiety - Fear that the government removes your civil rights, abuses, etc.
  • Corporate abuse anxiety - fear that the corporations you trusted turn against you, banking, frauds, etc.
  • Conspiracies anxiety / insecurity
  • Internet anxiety / insecurity - fear of loss of personal freedom and privacy, not being able to deal with the information overwhelm, etc.
  • Alien invasion
  • Time management anxiety - Feeling of overwhelm no matter how hard you and how efficiently you work - Feeling that you run out of time
  • Transfered anxiety / compassionate anxiety / care giver anxiety /  - Feeling anxiety for the threat on someone or something else - Children, Loved ones, Third world, disinherited, animals, trees, environments
  • Laws and regulations anxiety - Feeling threatened by given laws
  • Taxes anxiety
  • National security anxiety - fear of invasion or aggression by another country, religious or political entity
  • Military threat anxiety - fear as national security threat + threat on individual from own military power
  • Police threat - same
  • economic invasion anxiety - fear that the economy of another country will take over your country's one
In just a couple hours brainstorming on this topic, I already have 42 categories! That's LOTS of potential anxiety sources!

I know... Some of them are repeated and the list is raw and not too logical but you get the picture, right?