Jun 8, 2009

I feel I missed the boat - ARTICLE

This is a self limiting belief like any other.

It is regret + Feeling sorry for yourself.

The boat is still there by the harbour ready to take you anywhere you want.

The key is to learn from life experiences and not repeat mistakes.

Suppose, there was an opportunity at a given moment in your life and you didn't take it.

What would you do if that opportunity was there today?

Would you take it?

If the answer is yes, then you learned from your experience and you can move on to new opportunities.

The truth is that opportunities are right there ready to be grabbed, today!

They might be different opportunities than the ones you had last year or 20 years ago but they are still chances to jump on the success wagon, try something new and take new risks.

Here is what happens when you dwell in what could have been: you are just looking for an excuse not to take action today!

It is that simple!

This mind set is just an excuse not to take risks today and retreat in self limiting beliefs.

Why do you retreat in these self limiting beliefs? Because they are familiar to you.

You say you don't like them but still they magnetize you back to very specific mind frames and emotional states.

The reason why you keep falling back into these patterns is really because you know them well.

They come in conversations with friends.

You journal about them.

You go into self talk mode and revisit all these specific moments.

Who is feeding these patterns?


What happens the moment you stop feeding them?

They DIE!

That's right! A negative mind set can't survive if you stop feeding it.

Thought forms are mind objects!

They are "alive" and they feed from your life force!

The moment you reject them, they have no place to go and die out naturally!

They are replaced by new positive energy patterns you consciously create!

Got that?

Your mind is your territory and you have the power to design EVERYTHING that goes on in it.

All you have to do is stop the victimization cycle and start gaining back control!

Of course, you might have to wrestle with some negative beliefs but you know that the moment you stop feeding them, they disappear.

So, how do you turn a negative pattern like "I feel I missed the boat" into an empowering one?

You identify the exact mind sets you want to have instead!

Here are some examples of positive mind sets that work better than the negative one you started with:
  • My life is full of opportunities!
  • I am in charge and will create whatever I decide to create!
  • The boat is right there waiting for me to jump in and engage in a new life course.
  • Etc,

See how it works?

You CREATE new mind sets and start consciously feeding those.