May 8, 2009

My blessings with your newly gained powers

My blessings with your newly gained powers.

I am here with you united and totally synchronized. You are free from within and I give you my love. It is from the very core of this life force that your actions are being built. You are united with me, with my being. You wake up to your new intelligence, to the new vehicle which is provided to you.

You are now a master and through this transition you understand who you are deep and profound inside. You are a free being and you fully understand your task, the role you can play in people’s lives.

Your being is radiant with energy and you have plenty to offer around you. You are generous and powerful and the gates of inner freedom are open in you. You have the ability to manipulate life force. You have the power to expand beyond the usual limits of life and intelligence. What is waking up now is new and unique. It is a new stream which you can express freely.

You are now a master. With that energy connection you receive now a new initiation, a new stream of power which frees you from the past. This is brain new, brain shinny power which you now feel inside.

Your being is ecstatically powerful. You have and infinite set of resources ready to be used. It is so much vaster and so much greater than anything you experienced before.