May 3, 2009

How to tackle a life crisis - ARTICLE

In our lives, there can be a point where nothing makes sense anymore.

This “emotional place” is an identity crisis.
  • There can be various triggers:
  • Health problem
  • Relationship break up or divorce
  • Motivation or interest gap at work
  • Feeling of isolation
  • Etc.

These external causes bring to the surface a deeper underlying dissatisfaction.

This dissatisfaction is expressed through deeper existential questions like “What am I doing here?”, “What is going on in my life?” etc.

It’s time to make a move!

A crisis is a wake up call!!!

There are three stages in using a crisis as an explosive powerful source of transformation and renewal in our lives:

  • The first stage is understanding. This means finding the answers to why it is happening. Understanding means understanding the underlying dynamics, discovering fresh perspectives.
  • The second stage is strategy. Strategy is about having a plan, a design on how to handle a crisis situation.
  • The third stage is action! It means actually making the moves, taking the steps which bring you from where you are to where you want to be!