Mar 23, 2009

Your ambitions

How does it work?

You have a source of infinite energy in you!

A source that moves you forward!

This source is your emotions, your desires, your ambitions.

Coaching stimulates your ambitions, and offers support on how to...

Turn desires into reality!

Very simple, so simple!

How do you turn a desire into reality?

By acting!


You take action!

Acting with vision means having a strategy...

Your coach is here to help you with both: Vision and Strategy!

Let me put it this way:

What you do with a coach is:

tell him about your desires, ambitions.

From desires, you create Vision.

From Life Vision,

you design a Strategy, a course of action.

The last stage is implementing that strategy.

You go ahead and act according to your plan

to create the Reality you want.

The coach is always a sounding board... How does that sound?

He mirrors and reflects.

He stimulates you in moving from Vision to reality!