Mar 23, 2009

What would you do?

What would you do?

I must confess, some years ago, the expression "mind power" was calling to my mind scary images of "Dark Vadors" trying to convince me into turning to the dark side.

Our lives are full of misconceptions and wrong mediatic programming.

Check it out: what do you see when you think "mind power"?

Do you want to embrace the concept and idea or would you rather... well... simply pretend this kind of things does not exits.

I believe there is a contradiction here:

On one hand the idea of designing your mind can feel super attractive. The idea of being master of your emotions, working with your passions and simply using your mind to the best can feel super attractive.

On the other hand you might reject the very key inspiration stream (mind power) which contains in itself part of the resources you need!


Let's do some "cleaning" here:

What does the term mind power mean for you?

What are the images which come to your mind when you think of this expression?

If you could have more mind power, would you take it?

Why yes? Why no?

How would you define what is missing in your life for you to have 100% satisfaction?


Mind power is again "one of those terms". We need to redefine it, get familiar with it, reshape the concept in our minds and give it a fresh new inspiration.

Again, mind power is about life mastery. It is about being in charge of your existence. It means being able to use wisely the full resources of your mind.

There is a difference between "mind power" and "misuse of mind power".

With more power comes greater responsibility.

If you were given your full "mind power" potential, what would you do with it? That's the real question.

What would you do?