Mar 23, 2009

Wake up your personal power

Wake up your personal power

Have you ever felt like you are using only a small fraction of your personal power?

Have you ever felt like there is much more potential than the one you are using right now?

What is that potential? Is it magic powers? Is it new skills and abilities? Is it a new life, belongings, money? Is it a new network, friends, family connections?

All these are fine but there is another one. Something deeper and direct you might not think off. This potential is an inner strength, and inner power which is waiting to come out and be manifested.

What is it waiting for? Very simple: a sign from you.

You might not realize that, but you are sitting right now on a dormant gold mine which is ready to boost your life, energy, career, and whatever you can think of.

This force is an inner power. It is in the very core of your life simply waiting to come out.

You were born with a powerful gift: the seed for a physical body, your mind, a channel of life force.

Now, something strange happened in your childhood though: it's called conditioning. It came through education, family, friends. It's not a bad thing. It's simply needed to shape your life in a way which fits society: good manners, speech, skills, etc.

All these integrated forms create a very special set of structures in your life. This is your vehicle. It is your mind, a set of belief system, habits, actions, behaviors, attitudes, emotional reactions. All these are forms: mind patterns.

Again, they are positive ones. This shaping of your mind. This character building is what created your mind as you see it today. Millions of life experiences, feelings and emotions.

Every single time you laughed in the past, there is a stream of life force which crossed your mind. It created a channel of energy. It created a frame which is still present in your mind today.

Imagine how many times you laughed in your life. Imagine how many times you felt a giggle bursting in you. If you had the ability to do it, you could recall hundreds of those moments.

The same goes for any emotion. The same goes for any thought. The same goes for any action and any spoken word.

Now take a second to step back and compare your mind today with your mind the way it was the day you were born. What do you see?

Do you recognize this virgin mind you had when you were a child? No thoughts yet, only some instincts and emotions. Your character was not yet built. There were no memories apart from what you felt in the womb.

Many years later, there are layers of experiences and literally millions of micro memories imprinted in your mind.

So, what is this power you are not using? You could call it your original instinctual force. It is a clear channel of energy which activates your mind and life.

Do you feel sometimes like you are carrying the world on your shoulders? Do you feel sometimes these hundreds of life anchors which stop you from moving forward? What are these anchors? They are undigested memories, undigested emotions which haven't been cleared.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Now, sometimes it needs a little help to breakthrough and take the next step.

Imagine for a second a powerful force which has the ability to give you this extra power you need to move forward and activate the skills you need.

Imagine again that this force is there, waiting for a signal from you. It's simply waiting to be activated.

The question is: "How do you tap into this inner potential?", "How do you wake up this inner natural resource which is waiting to come out?"

The answer is simple: by connecting with it.