Mar 24, 2009

Taking action - Where to start?

Taking action - Where to start?

If you want to take action, the best is to start with small steps. Initiative is a skill which can be built. To do that you have to slightly shift your mind frame and start thinking in terms of taking risks and action.

Fears, doubts, hesitation, perfectionism... All these hold you back from just going for it. Every time you sit back and hesitate, you feed your doubts and loose confidence.

The trick here is to aim for good rather than perfect and see any experience, any action as an opportunity to learn rather than something which takes you all the way to your goal.

The best way to get closer to your goal is to take a small step. This step might not be perfect, it still brings you closer to your goal.

Together we could check what your options are. You would quickly realize that what you see as a mountain to be climbed is actually a refreshing swim in a streaming river.

Next step? you decide!