Mar 24, 2009

Practice self-confidence

Practice self-confidence

Outdoor practice

These few days you are going to be in an environment that might be new. If you know it already, simply take this practice from where you are and practice self-confidence one step further.

Everything you start creating in this environment is new. Imagine yourself with just a blank mind space. You are now the creator who will decide what goes in it.

This is how you build your mind, your ideas, and ways of looking at what you do.

In front of such challenging environments like the mountains, you can have two kinds of thoughts.
  • It is hard
  • It’s dangerous
  • Hope nothing happens
  • What if the weather turns bad?
  • Is this supposed to be fun?
  • Etc.
Alternatively, you can have thoughts like:
  • Wahoo!!!
  • I have never been here but I feel at home.
  • Love this stormy weather!
  • It is easy.
  • I love those challenges.
  • Etc.
The first group of thoughts is self-limiting.

The second group of thoughts is self-empowering.

Why would you manifest self-limiting thoughts? They are natural reactions to fear and doubts. They are instinctual reactions. Your instinctual reaction creates an irrational response. You feel with your guts and just say the first thing that comes.

The thing is that instinctual responses can be trained. Think of the first time you took an airplane. You might have encountered a few limiting doubts about the safety of this 150 tons flying machine! (Yeah, right!).

Now, you simply take off and enjoy the ride, the movies, the delightful food and the good company!

Fear as a protection is great, but only when the danger is real! When the danger is not real, fear, and doubt limit you!

Self-empowering thoughts open space

They are freeing

They create fun in life

They make you more successful

They make your life easier.


The practice

This outdoor event is an occasion to learn about those mechanisms.
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings…. Simply observe your reactions to things.
  • Imagine you are on stage. Hundred people look at you and surround you. Imagine you are in a play. Show the public your self-confidence.
  • Create self-empowering beliefs. Consciously design some key thoughts and self-empowering beliefs.
  • Observe the “try hard” attitude. Self-confidence can be practiced as a “try hard” technique. You try to convince your audience with fire, strong projection. This is the hard way. This attitude is demanding and requires constant focus, awareness and outpour of energy.
  • Observe the “smart self confidence” attitude. “Smart Self Confidence” means simply being! You are centered and stable. You smile and your attitude is generous towards your surrounding. It is a key attitude for being on stage. If you are a public figure, this is your platform from where you can act and be.
  • Use fire to kick out the self-limiting thoughts. Simply imagine it is like a challenge and fun.

These practices can be experienced when sitting and having a session with the coach. They can as well be experienced or remembered throughout the day.