Mar 23, 2009

Power of thoughts and emotions

Power of thoughts and emotions

It is relatively easy to understand how to use controlling power over physical elements like time frame and personal space. You can see the results. Now, what about your thoughts and emotions?

The ideas of mind power, personal development, self growth, etc. are all aimed in that specific direction. Some of these streams aim even at controlling or directing other people's thoughts, feelings and emotions. As long as we stay in our own mind, there is no ethical problem. Now controlling someone else's thoughts is crossing the line. There is a clear ethical boundary and the moment you are stepping into someone else's "territory" you fundamentally shift your target.

As this is an ethical discussion, we won't go into it here.

We'll focus 100% simply on what belongs to you.

Gaining back control over your thoughts and emotions is a vast topic, so, we'll need another article for that. There is a simple idea which summarizes it: "You are the master of your mind"