Mar 23, 2009

Power dynamics

Power dynamics

When you look at a landscape, you can see it from various angles: you can look at the shapes, you can look at the colors. You can see the moving forms, the harmony and beauty. You can see the architecture, the balance of life forces, etc.

Two persons will see the same landscape and describe it in very different ways depending on their experience, senses, background, etc.

You can look at your life and unveil the power dynamics. That's the first step of a coaching session: we observe how power works in you, how it is expressed, where are the gaps and what you can do to get more of it so that the areas of stress and tensions get harmonized and empowered.

When you meet someone else, there is always a set of power dynamics being established. Power dynamics are your power architecture. It is the way you use your power, where you apply it, etc.

When you clearly see these mechanisms, it expands your awareness and gives you straight away directions to expand and explore further.