Mar 25, 2009

Mind reprogramming

Mind reprogramming

The expression “mind reprogramming” itself sounds like an experiment from Star Trek.

In fact, reprogramming is very close to us. It is in our genes. It is a natural instinct, a natural drive to look for perfection by integration of new mind patterns.

Reprogramming is not an option! It is a condition for survival.

As human beings we have no choice but to adapt. We have to change, shift, integrate new behaviors, new mind patterns.

Stepping into the future is quite thrilling. In fact, any time we have a glimpse of our true potential, a window of futuristic visions opens in us.

The magic of change, the dynamic through which we integrate a new mind pattern is a great mystery. Luckily, most of us are still somehow able to consciously do it: we learn, grow and expand our awareness. A lot of what is studied in the cognitive sciences evolves around understanding this integration mechanism in us.

Life is a complex phenomenon. The same forces which gave birth to our human bodies, gave us as well the ability to expand the limits of our minds. The stream of evolution is limitless. We might perceive some milestones along the way. We might as well have a clear vision of the very ultimate result of our human evolution.

Our intuition is a powerful ally in this initiation process. Feelings, impressions, common sense: our mind is an interactive tool!

Inspiration is the fuel… “in–spiration": Taking the spirit inside, breathing in the life force. Magic! This inspiring stream is what stimulates the inner move.

We can try to rationalize all that but at the end, it all comes to trusting and daring to take steps: we advance by feeling. Feeling is the inner sense of touch. We take one step forward, hold it there for a second, listen, and get a feeling and impression - literally an internal “blueprint”.

This is how evolution happens: trying, experimenting, discriminating and naturally selecting what works and what doesn’t work.

Stepping forward means going beyond the comfort zone. There is always a “risk” involved. This risk can be minimal when the move is only a small step.

Try! Experiment!

Freezing your moves, projecting doubts or fears on any of your actions is equivalent to killing your life force. Evolution has its own pace, its own rhythm. Take the step! Go with the flow!