Mar 23, 2009

I want to inspire people to be happy

I want to inspire people to be happy

Hello, I am a college student and for my speech class we have to give a speech to inspire. I want to inspire people to be happy I was wondering if there are any steps you give people or any method people need to fallow to achieve happiness I would really be thankful for some help if you have time. Thank you



How is life today?

Great idea! Happiness is a wonderful subject to focus on. Everyone would like to know more about it.

Sure I can give you some hints. What I tell my clients is to focus on what truly thrills you! Motivation, life, energy have lots to do with excitement. The more you focus on what excites you in life, the more emotional fuel you build in you. Let go of shoulds (what people think you should do) and focus on your passions.

I know that when you are young, every one is telling you what to do: teachers, parents, everyone. I am here to give you another message: trust yourself. Trust your instincts! Go for life and become super conductive to life! Don't resist life... Go for life!