Mar 23, 2009

Gaining back control over what is yours

If you want to build up mind power, all you have to do is apply your natural power to areas of your life.

The first step is to gain back control over what is yours.

Controlling power is one of the most misunderstood forces. It is a very positive force when channeled in the right direction.

When people think of power they often interpret it as the power you have over others. This is one of the greatest misconceptions about power.

The first step is to shift your attitude and use controlling power first for what is yours.


Personal power areas

Here are the key life areas where you can first express your power:

Your thoughts

Your emotions

Your belongings

Your time frame

Your personal space

Your actions and behaviors

It's very simple. Your actions belong to you. When someone tries to control your actions and tells you what to do, they are stealing a basic right from you. Check these exceptions

If someone tells you what you should think and tries to force you, they are again trying to control something which does not belong to them.

If someone takes the keys of your car without your permission, they are trying to have some control over something which does not belong to them.

You get the picture?