Mar 23, 2009

Follow up thrill

Have you noticed that hitting the target takes sometimes perseverance? Perseverance is connoted with effort. Let’s shift that. Follow up is thrilling and exciting. No need for effort and discipline.

The beginning of a project often has this freshness and enthusiasm embedded in it.

The key to follow up is to refresh while moving forward. You have in you a renewal force which has the power to create space.

The space of a new project is that virgin land where ideas and plans will soon start rising. Now, if you don’t want your mind space to be saturated, you need a refreshing approach to free energy as you move forward.

Plans are like scaffolding structures in your mind. They are essential to maintain the project in its original stages.

As the project grows and finds stability, you need to free energy and create space for new ideas in your mind. This refreshing flow is the key to successful follow through.

Rigid plans kill creativity. To stay motivated you need to give yourself the space for refreshment and renewal.

Forget about your recipe book. When you feel ready, jump without net and dance in the moment. Rather than constricting your personal space, free energy in your life and connect with refreshing tactics so that excitement, creative power and thrill stay alive in all stages of your evolution and projects.

Now, you are ready to score!