Mar 23, 2009

Find your power

Find your power

Some years ago, I was in a situation where almost everything was gone: job, friends, money, house, car. I ended up with nothing! I went to live in nature for 6 months. I stayed in forests and simply tried to find in me resources to go on.

After a couple of months, something started waking up in me: some form of survival instinct. It's something we all have but somehow I never felt it before.

I realized that even though everything was gone, there was something in me which did not die or disappear. I would call this my life power.

I started "rebuilding" my mind and life around this new base. This was almost 10 years ago and it is still my "energy" base today.

That's the base from which I coach. It's a very specific core of energy which gives me trust and power in life.

It's so precious that I can't understand how I spend most of my life not knowing about this resource of energy inside myself.

My role as your coach is to help you get in touch with this source of natural power. It's a source of power you could find anytime which gives you a stronger mind foundation.

After some years of coaching and developing ways of tapping into that, I realized that there are actually very simple ways to wake up this natural power.

It is in fact like getting in touch with something very basic in your being. The moment it wakes up, you definitely feel the difference. It gives you trust, confidence and the way you relate to others fundamentally shifts.

It is a connection with a very basic source of inner energy.

It is always in you but it simply gets covered by layers of education and conditioning. The modern life style tends as well to limit the expression of this natural stream of power.

This power gives you the ability to protect your personal space. It strengthens your will power, energy level and life force.

It gives you as well this extra energy kick to breakthrough whatever is limiting you.

Writing a book about it could work but at this stage, it's not yet created. It might come in the future.

At this stage, the only way I help you connect with your inner natural power is within a coaching session.