Mar 23, 2009

Connecting power

Connecting power is bliss. When you feel pleasure and delight, you have a rush of life force flowing through your being.

Pleasure is the breakthrough of energy in your system. It is the opening of new doors in you. Eating, sensations, communication, laughter, sexual pleasure, bliss, all these forms of pleasure have something in common: They express an exchange or flow of life force. Your senses are simply the way your body perceives an external impact.

When you hear, someone speaks. When you touch, you connect with a substance. When you taste, you relate to a substance or to food.

The quest for pleasure is one of the greatest driving forces in your life. It is the desire to connect.

Bliss is another form of connection with some form of universal reality.

If you can't feel pleasure you can see this as a lack of connecting power.

To relate and connect and therefore feel pleasure, you need simply clear channels of life force through which you can interact with your environment.

You can feel pleasure when you give and when you receive. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that there is an exchange of life force.

Pleasure is an exchange of energy.

The term "communication" sounds a bit business like and corporate, but it is effectively another expression of the same connecting power. Communicating means exchanging.

The truth is that if your connecting power is weak, you simply won't relate to your environment and feel isolated.

Unless you feel the pleasure of exchanging, you won't take steps to connect with others.

The way we look at it within is coaching context is that we see pleasure, enjoyment, delight or bliss as a power. It is the ability to react to exchanges of energies.

We call this ability the connecting power. That's the power which stimulates you to respond and exchange with your environment.