Mar 23, 2009

Change the way I relate to others

Change the way I relate to others

The best to change the way you relate to others, is to make it very specific. Describe the situation and the key behavior you want to change in that situation. For instance start by focusing in the way you greet someone.

Focus on your attitude in these 5 first seconds. Spend 1 week focusing only on that aspect of relating. The following week, focus for instance on the way you say good bye. Think of words, smile, body language. Etc.

To establish a new behavior, the key is training and repetition. You have to repeat your behavior a few times (real life and simulation) until you feel confident with your new skill.

Here are the 4 simple steps to establish a new behavior:
  • Choose a very specific situation in which you want to change your behavior.
  • Find out what your new behavior could be. Describe it in detail on a white page.
  • Practice in simulation. Repeat until you feel confident
  • Do it in real life