Mar 23, 2009


Your life is awake with this intense flow of passion and delight. It is a stream of radiant joy and excitement that you feel permeating your being and rising in you with intensity.

This flow is a fire which clears your doubts, fears and negative feelings. You are waking up to this inner feeling of power.

Life is exciting in all its dimensions. You see refinement and beauty in and around you.

Your desires are awake. You discover new sources of pleasure.

Your being shines with delight to the gifts of life, the passion which is flowing in you is a stream of intense happiness that nothing can stop, flow of fiery power which opens doors and dissolves any blockages. Doors are opening in you, doors of fun and excitement.

It is happening like some form of magic, blissful sensations which touch your whole being and life force.

You feel the pleasure to be alive now. Your consciousness is opening to new sensations. These gates of awareness bring clarity and inspiration to your mind

You wake up in this intense desire for life. Your whole being goes for it! You know what you want!