Mar 23, 2009

Are you resisting power?

Are you resisting power?

I come from the "spiritual" world. In fact I spent more than 10 years 100% engaged in an inner quest.

When I was 16, one of my best friends argued that my opinions were too "spacey". I remember his exact words: "Go back to your clouds".

The spiritual dimension focuses a lot on Love. It is the key of most teachings and the top quality one tries to develop.

After actively practicing a path single minded on love, something strange happened: I did run out of energy. True! I simply realized love was not enough. That's the moment I searched for another quality to balance up my approach.

What came out? Power.

The first thing you might realize when you try to connect with your own power is that you might have lots of misconceptions about it. In fact deep inside, a part of you could be rejecting the very idea of power.

You associate "power" with "abuse of power" and in your mind these two become one single reality.

This is the greatest misconception about power. It is the number one reason you might be running out of power: deep inside, something simply rejects the idea of power.

The first step to empower your life is to get used again with the idea of owning power.


Take this simple test:

If right now I ask you: "how do you feel about power?" what would you say?

1. I love it! I want more

2. I am okay with it

3. I am afraid I will need to look at it

4. I don't like power

5. I don't want power. I will stay out of it

I guess the conclusion is obvious. If you answered anywhere from 2 to 4, this means you are luke warm about power.

To get more power, the first step is to open up to it. In fact become super conductive to power. If you don't like power, power won't like you back. It's very simple: you can't get more of it if you reject it in the first place.


The second step is to realize that with greater power comes greater responsibility.

The moment you tap into your sources of power, you have to be very clear about what you want to do with it. You need to be clear about your values and ethics.

Why? Because power can be a very destructive force.


That's it! we are done.

Once you remove resistances and set up a course of action, all the rest flows naturally.

Power is a very natural essence in your life and you were born with all the abilities to use and manifest it. You connect with it by waking up some natural reflexes. All your "power moves" are already in you. All you have to do is wake them back.