Mar 23, 2009

2 aspects of your power

Your power has two aspects to it:

The first one is formless power.

It's the one you feel inside. It's not in words, nor in action. It is there, suspended in your being like a sustaining force.

The second one is in forms and "embodied".

When you make a statement, give an order to someone, define your territory, make a new marketing move, you put your power into action, a word or a behavior.

When you come to a coaching session, your receive both forms of power.

You receive a form of invisible power (first aspect) which is related with the simple action of being in a coaching session. This in itself gives you a base or foundation. This aspect is formless. It belongs to you and is already in you but the coaching space tends to stimulate its flow.

You receive as well techniques to manifest your power through action and new behaviors (second aspect). You will get in touch with new thoughts and beliefs. These new mind patterns are empowering. This means that they are more conductive to empowering your being.