Feb 9, 2009

Masturbation - what behavior changes can get rid of the addiction

Here are some key ideas to put in place to start shifting a masturbation addiction:
  • Maintain sexual stimulation but don't lose semen or much less frequently
  • Express more your sexual energy with a partner
  • Channel your energy into fitness training or Yoga
  • Master your sexual energy through tantric sex
  • Etc.

There is more to say about this of course.

An addictive behaviour is related with some inner frustration or feeling trapped.

The addictive behaviour is usually one of the pathways used to escape a reality you don't like.

So, if you change your reality or circumstances and rebuild your life around exciting targets and a life style you REALLY love, the addictive behaviors get kicked out that way.

Master your sexual energy through tantric sex practices!

This last one is the one that resonates best because it gives you a healthy and dynamic way to express your sexual energy without using suppression approaches.

Check this: