Feb 9, 2009

Masturbation and guilt

Guilt is close to useless.

It does not help!

So, if you remove the guilt feeling which creates probably 80% of anypotential negative impact of a masturbation session, what is left?

Is masturbation still bad for your body as a cigartte can be bad for you?

Again, if there is no excessive ejaculation (for men), sexual stimulation and self pleasure IS HEALTHY!

There is nothing wrong with it.

Of course, if you decide to follow an ascetic path and embrace the rules of a monastic life, you might have other rules which are dictated by the tradition you embrace.

I am not her to judge any tradition!

I respect that at 100%.

Monastic life has its own set of rules and these rules will vary from tradition to tradition.

It's up to you decide what tradition you want to embrace and how much of it you want to follow.

Now, if the message I send out is:
  • Sex is healthy
  • Nothing to be ahsamed of
  • Self stimulation or self pleasure is as healthy and encouraged as any other sexual activity

more on this coming soon