May 12, 2008

Watch your posture + Tone of voice! - TIP

Have you ever gone out to a social event, meet this person who might look interesting at first but everything in their body language and tone of voice reflects insecurity!

A pity, right?

Have you noticed the impact this has on you?

Most of the times, it is a total turn off.

Their insecurity reflects on you and you start feeling really bad for them.

When you speak with someone, around 90% of your message is transmitted through these two!

This means that people assess you much more through how you stand and the way you say it than through what you actually say!

Here is what you can do:
  • Assess yourself now: between 0% and 100% how high do you score on those two specific points (Tone of voice + Body language)
  • Speak louder - That's a simple way to boost your confidence
  • Next time you go out, before you enter the room, take a minute to concentrate on those two! - Think "confidence" and assume that posture!

Easy, right? ;)