Apr 17, 2008

I don't want to be that sensitive to other people's judgement - ARTICLE

When you face other people's judgements or feel insecure, it is always a power battle between you and them.

The only way to win is to increase your power base and not let these attacks stop you.

People attack you if they feel an opening, the moment you are strong, they stop bothering you.

So, when you feel a negative thought rising, you simply don't let it grow!

You don't let it expand!

You tackle it with the opposite mind set.

A negative thought is:

"You can't do it"

The opposite is

"I can do it"

You are the center of your life and if you don't let your own doubts crawl in your mind, you win the battle.

Any time you recognize fear or doubts and you know you could step back if you negatively respond to this fear, move forward instead and don't let doubts stop you.

Your winning strategy is forward action.

People will know they can't stop you when they see you systematically moving forward when they project their doubts on you.

The more you hesitate or doubt, the more you let them stop you.

The more you take proactive action the more you prove anyone that you have no fear.

You can apply this is any situation: job, dating, social life, etc.

So, how can you use any objection to make you stronger?

You use that challenge as an opportunity to grow.

The more proactive action you take, the stronger you become.

You can't build muscle if there is no resistance, right?

With mind power it is the same.

You don't build character if you face no challenge.

Does that make sense?

What is your conclusion?