Feb 19, 2008

Social anxiety - Examples of potentially challenging situations - SOCIAL POWER

Most of social anxiety is not phobia!

Many people will simply face some type of discomfort when comfronted with specific social situations.

here are some examples that can be challenging:
  • Being in a crowd - for instance a game or concert
  • Social event where you don't know anyone
  • You know people but you feel they don't like you or recognize you
  • Public speaking or presentation
  • Etc

All these situations have something in common:

You are confronted with othere people's energy or judgement.

The reason you might feel anxiety is because your level of power is not high enough.

If you are comfronted with these situations but your level of inner power is at 100%, you feel fearless, right?

other person's judgements or looks don't touch you becasue you feel confident and trut your own value.

When you feel anxiety it is because your level of power is lower.

the psychic impact of other people on your mind overwers you to a certain extent.

The emotion which is triggered is anxiety which is simply an expression of fear.

anxiety happens because you feel insecure.

So the way to taclke anxiety is to increase your level of power.

You do that by getting power and energy from other sources. You work on your power base and stop trying to get validation from sources you know you won't get it from.

All that happens within the context of life or mind mastery.

Anxiety is irrational. It is a useless emotional reaction that you no longer need.

You can kick that emotion out of your system first by realizing that it's not you and no longer needed.

Then, by increasing your level of personal power as well.