Feb 2, 2008

Examples of social qualifiers/disqualifiers - TIP - SOCIAL POWER

Here we go. Here is a sample:
  • Race

Racial grouping is instinctual and happens all the time. Do we like it? Personaly I don't. I usually connect with people beyond their race and i know that many people do as well. Look for instance at the gang world. race is a major element of belonging, right?

Another example: try to get a CEO position in Japan within a japanese company. I bet it's not easy, right? Yes! It happens a lot.

You might be seen as an outsider simply because you are not from this town or country or have a funny accent.

You can call this social discrimination as well.

It works both ways though. Sometimes it's a + sometimes not depending on the context.

  • Social status

Well, yes! Again. The way others look at you will change your ability to connect with new people and make new friends of course. This has to do with social value.

  • Assets

A simple example: imagine that you have this big house where you host parties every week end! Of course people will love connecting with you. It is their opening into a new worl of possibilities, right?

  • Personality

On top of these personality traits that make you magnetically attractive? Confidence of course. There are many more, like creative power, level of energy, attitude towards life, etc.

  • Cultural background

Take the example of religious circles, clubs or societies. Your belonging to a certain group will determine hwo people relate to you.

  • Age

Sure! Being too young or too old for a cerayin audience will again play in your favor or against you.

  • Network

Having a vast network of connections is like an asset. People will connect with you to connect with that network.

  • Attitudes

Similar to personality traits, right? If you are extremely outgoing, enthusiastic, open minded will work better than if you tend to be depressed and unhappy about your life.

This is only a sample. There is more of course ;)