Oct 5, 2007

Love addictions - Stunning facts! - IDEAS

Okay, I just started posting some of the possible forms of love addictions!

I always kept in the back of my mind that not being able to get over a break up is in fact being addicted to an ex.

I never took this idea deeper.

In fact after just 30 min research, I already came accross a few other possible love addictions: infatutaion, limerence, unrequited love, etc!

All these terms mean one same thing: you are addicted to someone else!

Jealousy is another form of love addiction: it is related with the need to control someone else's attitudes and actions.

It is on the same line, really!

What is striking is that all these love addictions are created by instincts.

They are simply an instinct which gets out of "control" and can overpower someone's reasoning and emotional balance.

One person needs to shift that balance of power and get back control and direction or simply find a way to overcome that specific addiction or emotional need.

This is in fact a huge chapter.

Except for jealousy which is slightly different, all these states can be put together in the category of "love addictions"

More on this coming soon!