Sep 28, 2007

What NLP can be used for + Ethical ideas - IDEA

NLP can be used for so many purposes!!!

Here are some of them:
  • Yourself - Your mind! - Master your own speech patterns. Be more aware of what you say. Shift key patterns into positive ones.
  • Coaching and therapy - Helping others get rid of emotional blockages and more.
  • Synergic communication - With friends, family, professional
  • Sales - Having greater influence
  • Subliminal advertising - getting your message out
  • Etc.


As long as you help others, yourself or create harmony around you, the positive impact of NLP skills is obvious.

Now, when we enter into sales and advertising, you need to very careful. Is this okay???

You might say that this is how advertising and marketing works, right?

The ethical basis for using NLP in the fields of sales and advertising is quite unclear. It seems that there is no rule.

Now, imagine for a second that you have total power over what prospects think and that you can get them to buy anything, even what they don't need at all.

What about casinos, drugs, porn industry and more!!!

What if these industries did have the power to get to you, your friends and family and get them to do things which are self destructive, put them into huge debts, etc.

What do you say now???

I'll come back to that later!

Essential questions!!!