Sep 13, 2007

Go to battle to win! - ARTICLE

It is pretty amazing to realize that the key quality you need to win any battle is fighting power!

Now, this is not about hurting or attacking anyone.

The battle is internal and the victory is a mastery of systems and aspects of your life and being.

Victories are in your mind!

They are expressed through mastery of tools and environments.

But the first key victories you can win have to do with mastering your own being, emotions, thoughts and actions.

The challenges you might face have to do with not really having a sense of control over what happens in your life.

You might feel victim to events and circumstances and the first step is to shift that perception.

The moment you wake up and decide to gain back control over your life, everything shifts.

The first step is a decision and a connection with an energy you feel waking up from within.

The second step is action.

Victory happens because your action is different.

Now, it would be nice if you could sit back and control outcomes simply with mind focus, right?

You imagine mastering events without lifting a finger.

Well, it does not happen that way (at least not yet), I can tell you, and I have been meditating a lot!

You need to take action and master that part of your life.

It starts with a little step.

Then, you follow up and suddenly, you see yourself walking towards new life targets!

It is thrilling and feels extremely good!

It is thrilling because you feel a new power wind in your sails.

More on this coming soon :)

To your power!