Jul 17, 2007

Why you might tend to give up when a friendship no longer works

It is simple: there is only so much you can invest into a friendship.

If it is too hard or demanding, you might easily give up.

Why? Because a friendship is usually not in your top priorities.

Suppose you have a fight with a friend.

Rather than spending weeks trying to solve a misunderstanding (like you would do in a relationship), you might give up because you simply don't have the time and energy to invest into it.

Very often friends move away from each other in a very natural and organic way.

It simply happens.

It is natural.

Does it mean that you should fight to keep a friendship going?

Well, of course you can if you want to.

However, letting go and moving on to new connections seems a pretty healthy choice as well.

It opens new doors to refreshing potentials.

To your power!