Jul 17, 2007

Power games with your friends?

Sometimes, friends will be demanding, controlling or needy!

They will put you under pressure and use coercive power!

This is called emotional threat and has nothing to do with respectful friendships.

It is related with power balance in human connections and expression of power.

Now, when you feel pressured and end up doing what you don't want to, you give up part of your power to respect what you believe is a friendhip, right?

What you are saying is that if you don't do what your friends think you should do, you are psychically or verbally abused?

Okay! Hang on for a sec!

A freind who is ready to demand something from you and not respect your right for self determination is already abusing a friendship.

I know that friends do that all the time, but... Is it right?

Are you accountable to your friends?

Did you ever give them the right to tell you what to do or not to do?

A friend is not a boss!

Yes! It might be a sounding bord but you never give up your right to decide for yourself what you want or don't want.

If a friend can't take your decision, then they are betraying one of your most basic human rights! Your power for self determination!

You own your actions, thoughts, beliefs and emotions!

Noone else does it for you!

For friendships to work, you need respect and freedom!

To your power!